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Watch the JCU Student Film Showcase 2018

This year’s showcase was bigger better than ever: narrative shorts, documentaries, video essays, promotional videos- in total, an awesome sampler of the fantastic creative minds at work producing video at John Cabot University. Thanks to all who helped make the evening a success. Enjoy the program (details below) and come back soon for details on the 2019 JCU Student Film Festival. Yes, you heard me correctly: next year we’ll be hosting an honest-to-goodness festival with a competition, a jury, and even more of the student cinema you’re hungry for!

Opening remarks (Prof. Brian Thomson)

La Cervicale (Dir. Anastasia Papanicolaou)
An Italian and an American share more than language lessons when the latter falls prey to the most mysterious of Italian illnesses…

What’s Beautiful for JCU (Dir. Rebecca Piatelli)
JCU students talk beauty in theory and in practice in this documentary by Rebecca Piatelli.

(Fe)Male (Dir. Lucia Gallo)
Louie has a tough day ahead of him when he discovers that he has to make his way in a woman’s world in this satire from Lucia Gallo.

The Female Gaze (Dir. Monica Ioana Lungeanu)
Director Monica Ioana Lungeanu examines whether the so-called “chick flick” has succeeded in presenting an active female gaze in which the male body becomes an object of aesthetic and sexual pleasure for white. heteronormative female viewer.

Poem (Dir. Kiriko Mechanicus)

Black In Japan (Dir. Roberto Ronzulli)
Roberto Ronzulli digs deep into a homogeneous society’s complicated relationship with the black other.

The Puppysitter (Dir. Francesca De Smet)
A reluctant puppysitter fears the worst when she loses her charge at the park in this heartwarming comedy from Francesca De Smet.

Blackbird (Dir. DeZell Lathon)
Director DeZell Lathon profile of Deja Scott presents a striking portrait in miniature of the African-American experience in Rome.

Patient 1 (Dir. Sierra Wharton)
Zombies are people too. Mostly. Lorenzo becomes the unwitting poster child for (in)human rights after recovering from a slightly-more-than-near-death experience.

History Now Promos (Morgan Collins, Lucia Gallo, Giacomo Palattella, Allegra Popper & Maria Bruy, Chiedza Mashonganyika, Susanna Di Martino, Federica Cubello)

Thomas Has A Shitty Day (Dir. Joel Hashop)
An unlikely movement is born when Thomas gets caught short after devouring some dodgy leftovers in this comedy from Joel Hashop.

Love at First Voice (Dir. Sabrina Mancini)
What does it mean to be human and in love…with an artificial intelligence? Sabrina Mancini probes the question in this video essay.

I.M. (Dir. Riccardo Pugliese)
It’s just a chat room- right? An unhappy young woman gets more than she bargains for when she strikes up a relationship with niterider314.

The Rebel Network (Dir. Stefania Piccialli)
Director Stefania Piccalilli looks at how Orphan Black empowers women and queer people to engage in active resistance against the dehumanising forces of postmodern capitalism.

⦿ (Dir. Nick Dmytrakov)

May 17, 2018

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