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Stay Organized in Final Cut Pro X (or Adobe Premiere)

Update: We got a version for Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Premiere up as well. It creates a Premiere Projects folder as well as a renamable project for 1080p25 with ProRes rendering.

Here’s the link for the FCPX version to save you some scrolling.

Sorry, PC people. This one’s Mac only.

I recently finished a short promo with a total runtime of 2 minutes. In order to finish that two minute project, however, I had to keep track of nearly 600 clips (~200GB) shot on a variety of different cameras, at different resolutions, sometimes with the correct framerate but often not- it was a nightmare. Luckily I’ve had this nightmare before, and it taught me the value of staying organized from the get-go. Keeping my files in one place, clearly marked and organized at the finder level (I’m a Mac guy) just makes life easier.

But man was it a pain in the neck to put together all of those folders! Who’s got the time?

You do. That’s right: today we’re rolling out FCPX Organizer, a simple Mac app from Relations of Production that will generate the folder structure I use on 99% of my own projects.

Using the app is dead simple.

Double click, read the instructions, click “Got it” and you’ll be asked for the name of your project. Click OK and the folder structure above will be placed in your Movies folder. Keep it there or move it to an external drive: the choice is yours!

Use “Documents” to keep track of your project as you work through pre-production with folders for screenplay drafts, budgets, schedules, and more. Inside “Audio” and “Video” you’ll find customized folders for each of the sound recorders and cameras that we use at JCU in the Digital Media Lab. The “FCPX Libraries” folder has a library that can be renamed as you like. Double click it and you’ll find yourself with a project already set to 1080p25. (The library was created in 10.4.2, so if you’re using a more recent version you may need to allow FCPX to update the file the first time you open it.) You can keep your “Still” images and graphics organized by file type. Keep track of your exports with the “Deliverables” folder. “Motion graphics” has folders for your Motion and AfterEffects projects, assets, and renders.  And at the end of the project you can decide what you need to save from the project and send it to the Archives folder for compressing, offloading to a NAS, or whatever.

The app is available on all of the computers in the Mac Lab but you can also download it directly from Google Drive if you want to use it on your own Mac. (Safari users beware: Google abandoned the whole “Don’t be Evil” thing a long time ago, so you may need to change your privacy preferences to allow cross-site tracking while you download. I strongly advise turning it back on when you’re done!)



June 13, 2018

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