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Zoom H1 Audio Recorder Kit

In order to reserve this item you must first earn the Zoom H1 Operator badge by taking the Zoom H1 Qualification Course. Your reservation will be cancelled if you do not qualify on this equipment BEFORE PLACING THE RESERVATION!

Big audio, small package.


The Zoom H1 is one of the most versatile audio recorders in the business. Use it to capture foley sound on location, record an interview on the street reporter-style, plug it in to a mixing desk- the possibilities are endless! I have often used a cheap lavalier mic with the Zoom as a poor man’s wireless system when radio interference knocked out my Sennheisers. It records uncompressed WAV files at up to 96kHz/24-bits which is a whole lot more than I can hear…

Additional information

Recording formats

WAV (uncompressed linear PCM)
MP3 (compressed)

Sample rate (max.)



3.5mm jack


Zoom H1 Recorder
Sony 7506 studio monitors
Micro SD Card (min. 2GB)
SD Card Adapter

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