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It’s a black box. Fill it as you like. It’s also the quietest place on campus…



Need a space to record some audio narration for a video essay? Laying down vocals for your next trap-meets-black-metal Bandcamp blockbuster? Maybe you’re shooting an interview, or a behind-the-scenes feature for COM230, or greenscreen for some killer VFX, or a music promo or…whatever. Some time in the TV Studio may be just what the executive producer ordered.

There are just four simple rules for using the TV Studio:


  • BYO camera (or rent one from the DML). The cameras in the studio are set up to match one another for JCUTV shoots: do NOT touch them except to move them. (And don’t move them unless you absolutely have to!)
  • BYO computer too: the computer in the recording booth is used ONLY for the video switcher. You MUST bring your own computer if you want to record audio.
  • Leave the studio cleaner than you found it.
  • Don’t mess with the switcher in the booth.


Windows folks: you may want to install the driver for the M-Track ahead of time. You can find it here under “USB Audio and MIDI Interfaces”.


Additional information

Available in the TV Studio

3 spotlights on an overhead truss
2 LED panels for green screen or ambient light
Green screen
Clips (if you want to BYOBackdrop)
2 Rode NT1-A condenser microphones
M-Track audio interface (w/USB cable, bring your own computer)
Headphones for monitoring

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