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Panasonic AF100

No C100’s available? The AF100 might do in a pinch.

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The specs of the AF100 may look similar to the C100 but it’s a very different camera. The sensor is smaller (and older) and it shows in the noisier image, limited dynamic range, ugly highlight handling, and deeper DoF even at wider apertures. But that sensor size has advantages too- primarily that it’s a bit easier to keep your video in focus. In good light- daytime outdoors or in the studio- the ageing AF100’s image still stands up (if not out). But keep your ISO at as low as it can go: the noise creeps in fast. Paired with a Micro 4/3 sensor the included 14-140 lens gives you a whopping 35mm equivalent zoom range of  28-280mm!

Additional information


14-140mm f3.5-5.6 Power O.I.S.


Micro 4/3


1920 x 1080

PAL Frame Rates

25p, 50p

Audio Inputs

2 x XLR


2 batteries
Soft case

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