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Opteka Slider (IGUS)

Tough to recommend the Opteka slider: the bearings are no longer particularly smooth and you need to provide your own tripod head. (The 501HDV is a ball head that won’t work with this.) But you’re free to have a go if you like!

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Sliders enable you to pull off dolly moves without the hassle and expense of actual dollies. When they work, sliders are potent storytelling tools. The Opteka sliders at the DML are not quite “impotent” but they are definitely first gen and showing signs of their age. To pull off a smooth camera move of approximately 1 meter you should probably have a can of WD40 handy- and some coffee and cigarettes for when you spend half an hour trying to move the head from your tripod to the slider. If the shot works, of course, all is forgiven!

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