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DJI Ronin-M

In order to reserve this item you must first earn the DJI Ronin-M badge by taking the DJI Ronin-M Qualification Course. Your reservation will be cancelled if you do not qualify on this equipment BEFORE PLACING THE RESERVATION!

On the “plus” side: smooth shots without all the headaches of a Steadicam. On the “minus” side: digital-age headaches like finicky bluetooth connections and software that is as user friendly as flatpack furniture.

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The gimbal took the idea of the Steadycam- the most groundbreaking cinematographic tool since the dolly and also the most difficult to master- and put it in the hands of everybody with the strength to carry around a Ronin M. With this gimbal you can execute whatever silky smooth shots you can imagine, and with the Dual Pixel Autofocus capabilities of the C100 you might even make them as beautiful for your audience as they are in your mind. Be warned: setting it up the first time may take 15 minutes, and you should definitely start watching Youtube videos on how to walk like a Ninja if you plan on incorporating the Ronin M into your next production. But trust me: it WILL be worth it!

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Remote control
Battery & charger
Camera plate
Tool kit
Balancing stand


You will need to meet Prof Thomson to setup bluetooth control on your phone

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