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Canon C100 Kit

In order to reserve this item you must first earn the Canon C100 Operator badge by taking the C100 Qualification Course. Your reservation will be cancelled if you do not qualify on this equipment BEFORE PLACING THE RESERVATION!

The Canon C100 is a great all-around camera for narrative films, documentary, promos and commercials, or even gimbal shots. Comes with a tripod, lavaliere mic/recorder, and 2 lenses: a versatile 18-135 zoom and a fast 50.

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The Canon C100 is a great all-around camera for narrative films, documentary, promos and commercials, gimbal shots- anything that doesn’t require 4K, super slow motion (120+ fps), or a low public profile. The sensor and processor in the camera do a great job of making low light footage look decent at high ISOs. Canon’s C-Log gives you great dynamic range and onboard ND filters make your life shooting under the Roman sun a little easier. Hook up a Rode NTG1 to one of the camera’s XLR jacks, switch on the phantom power  and you can record great-sounding audio with no need for syncing in post. The camera feels great in the hand, takes any Canon EF or EF-S glass you might have in your own arsenal, and looks pretty cool too.

The 501HDV is a fluid head tripod kit for smooth pans and tilts. The head is mounted to a 75mm bowl that makes it a breeze to level the camera on uneven terrain: just twist the centre column knob and use the bubble level! It’s heavy duty and handles the C100 without breaking a sweat.

The Tascam DR-10L is a dead simple, high quality audio recorder that records to MicroSD cards, runs on a single AAA battery, and comes with a very good lavaliere mic- all of which make it a great choice for recording interview subjects. Make sure to record a scratch track using one of the C100’s built-in mics and synchronizing the DR-10L’s audio in post should be a breeze.

Additional information


18-135mm IS STM f3.5-5.6
50mm f1.8


Super 35


FullHD (1920 x 1080)

PAL Frame Rates

25p, 50p

Audio Inputs

2 x XLR


AVCHD (high quality, uncompressed audio), MP4 (lower quality, compressed audio)


Tascam DR-10L Sound recorder with lavalier microphone
Manfrotto 501HDV tripod head and legs

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