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Fun Tripper – Making Travel Fun

Fun Tripper – Traffic often makes the trip boring. Also, the trip became a bad dream for some people when they were trapped in a long traffic jam. Preparing yourself to travel far needs to be done, plus if done with a car or train. Cooking preparations, from food to entertainment, must be brought so that the trip becomes more enjoyable.

Fun Tripper – Food that is easily achieved. If you drive your own car and want to easily consume all your food easily, without stopping. You need to place the food in the basket. This step does not bother you and makes it easier for you to get drinks and food. And of course, make your car still clean.

Fun Tripper – Save space To save space, you can use a pair of hooks behind the front seat to hang things up. By using this trick, bags, umbrellas and other items will not take up most space. Filters for cleaning dust Filters really help to keep your car clean. This filter is made of a lint-free cloth that can tighten up dust in a prime way and not even a little dust left.



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