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One significant perspective of Wal-Mart’s training and development practices is that it is based from a down to top approach where the training and development begins from the store employees level going up to the management team (Chu, Arce-Urriza, Cebollada-Calvo, & Chintagunta, 2010). The employees have been integrated into the organization and they are considered as strategic partners to the organization. The most common approach to the training that they receive is seminars and confrences where employees who perform particular tasks receive the same training and development that is aimed at improving their knowledge and skill level (Nankervis, Warner, Chatterjee, & Cooke, 2013). The training is constantly updated with regards to the changes in the business environment. The employees are normally appraised to determine their training needs and after the training and development initiatives they are quized to determine the impact of the training (Wang S. , 2009). This ensures that the organization is always able to offer better training each time.

According to Wang S. (2009), in the recent past, Wal-Mart has incorporated e-training in its training strategies. The companies acknowledges the increased internet activities and it has began using this platform to offer its training and development across different locations in China. This is a strategy that has managed to ensure that the organization has a workforce within the Chinese market that shares the same knowledge and skill sets. The effectiveness of the approach is that the employees have a platform where they can get answers to frequently asked questions whenever they want to. Furthermore, it ensures that the employees can learn while they are working. According to Amona and Anca (2013), learning or receiving training on the job is one of the most effective approaches that can be used to ensure that employees grasp their training and development. The approach ensures that the employees learn faster and that they do not forget what they have learnt. The approach also ensures that the company is up to date when it comes to the use of the latest technologies within the organization. This is because according to Wang S. (2009) the internet, specifically the social media is a platform that the organization uses to ensure that it as effective communication within the organization. The social media is also used to ensure that the organization is more in touch with its consumers in the market.

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New York

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