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Every creature is different, each animal is specific! Each animal is significant to us and that’s why we simply take our period – both for a careful examination and for a thorough consultation.
Routine check ups are quite important to be able to identify diseases at an early stage and to combat them at a concentrated fashion. If the animal is already ill, then we’ll ensure it is handled as fast and gently as you are able to ümraniye veteriner.

Our committed employees regularly go through further trained so as to become capable of giving you and your monster high quality treatment using the means and methods of modern veterinary medication.

For necessary further assessments that individuals cannot offer within our clinic (e.g. CT, Mr T ),” we are in close contact using specialized small animal clinics within the region and can refer you specially when required.

Our clinic is currently GVP accredited. As 2003 the Federal Association of training Veterinarians (BPT) has been offering an excellent assurance system referred to as”very good Veterinary Medicine Practice” for clinical practices and veterinary clinics in Turkey. In GVP-certified clinics, owners can expect a high degree of organization and design, that will be fundamentally reflected in excellent quality.

Your trip to TCR Veterinary

At TC Reserve, highquality health care attention is now top priority. No compromises are created with us. We are proud of our good reputation and spend heavily in order to strengthen our collective proficiency and also to be in a position to provide usage of the most modern tools and also veteriner ümraniye.

At the same time, we are aware that our customers need more than simply good high quality. It’s at least as important for you and your pet feel and in good hands with us. That’s the reason why we always take enough opportunity to explain and assure you so that you, your dog owner, generally understand precisely what is happening. Within just Vetix, we are also committed to high availability. Be it in the sort of continuously available crisis rooms or even through information on the emergency telephone. That is that which we mean with good service to our buyers.

Our workers incorporate numerous specialists who specialize in some specific animal species and areas of experience, together with scholars in your European higher education for Veterinary Medicine (consequently diplomas).

Furthermore, a number of our employees do give and research coaching; a number of our practices are also contributing referral and training centers.

We’re doing every thing in our power to be always a priority while in the business of veterinary care.

Our services

General checkups

Unique retirement Check Ups

Puppy information

Vaccinations / info

Laboratory tests of urine, blood, feces and cytology

Xray diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics



Dermatology such as skin biopsies and fine needle aspirations



Preventative care medicine – entrance of in Patients potential

Nutritional information

Breeding monster evaluation

Automatic examination for patellar luxation

Acceptance of proof of competence from pet owners according to LHG

General checkup

Special retirement Check Ups

Puppy advice

Vaccinations / guidance

Laboratory tests of urine, blood, stool and cytology

Xray diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics


Dermatology including skin biopsies and fine needle aspirations



Intensive care medication – entry of In-patients potential

Nutritional information

Breeding animal examination

Official examination for patellar luxation

Acceptance of evidence of proficiency from dog owners according to LHG

For your creature and foryou…

Within our little monster clinic, we provide the critters entrusted to us optimum health care, diagnostics and remedy, supported by the most modern equipment and a helpful and capable group.

Our patients involve dogs, cats, cats and rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, mice, etc.).

Health is actually a gift for critters too. So we’d really like to share with you personally as a pet proprietor: What happens on your dog? Which treatment is beneficial? What exactly does the procedure cost? How much time does it take?

Your confidence, your cooperationyour fantasies and demands are all important to be able to jointly achieve a thriving treatment for the own monster.

You may find out additional details on this particular page: https://www.tcreserve.com/ For those who have any concerns or suggestions, you should get in touch with us look forward to hearing from you personally and your own monster!



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