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The Standard – Effects of Carrying Out Night Travels

The Standard – To avoid critical congestion while carrying out long trips such as going home Lebaran. Most many vehicle users seek to schedule an early departure or at night. But there is no argument, if many people go on trips at night. Because most people think that night is exactly a lonely road, don’t wonder the following way of thinking is still changing into the custom of many vehicle users. But did you know that carrying out long trips at night has many dangers, even the risks can be doubled. Why?

Standard Travels – According to Marcel Kurniawan, RDC’s Trainning Director, carrying out night trips that effect could be doubled. “Usually at night our body situation must shrink. As well as driving time, the visibility has decreased the risk to increase by 20%, “he said in Jakarta, last time. Not to mention, said Marcel, driving at that night more and more obstacles because of the driver who would only trust the two eyes only. Another matter according to Marcel, with age that is getting more and more certainly we need more light to watch. If only entrust the headlights, the risk will be far greater.

The Standard – The difference is the situation when we drive in the afternoon or morning, hence the visibility of the eyes becomes wider. Become safer, “he said. While traveling in the afternoon, said Marcel, it was just as dangerous as the night, because it must have been intensely dim and turned into a flet. “The solution is quite light, just lower the vehicle speed or speed. And if you just entrust the headlights without street lighting, so try an average speed of under 70 km / hour, “said the smiling man.



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