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It is crucial that you put on Muay Thai shin guards if you’re starting Thai boxing. Of all of the martial arts Thai boxing is especially aggressive. Modern MMA uses a lot of Thai boxing methods as a result of they’re so powerful.

Brief History of Thai Boxing

The name means “The Science of Eight Limbs” as a result of it uses many points of contact together with punches, elbows, knees and kicks. This is why it’s so dangerous and why Thai boxing equipment such as head guards and muay Thai shin guards have to be worn at all times while training.

It is difficult to place an exact date from where the martial art dates back to as it has advanced slowly over the past 2000 years. Like most martial arts, it was introduced as a form of unarmed combat for when the soldiers lost their weapons in battle. Thailand’s first boxing ring was made in 1921. Although they have been boxing gloves for fights, after a dying within the ring it was determined that fighters must also be covered for the toes and ankles as nicely and the primary type of Muay Thai shin pads have been introduced.

Getting Started in MMA and Martial Arts

Like all contact sports there is a high stage of fitness required and Thai boxing places a particularly heavy give attention to conditioning. If you were trying to get started, a typical session may include skipping, weight training, shadow boxing, focus mitt work and a few cases sparring.

Thai Boxing could be a superb choice if you have been looking for an effective martial art and you need to defend your self. It can be a fantastic choice if you would like to get match and toned quick. With all the Cardio and bag work it is straightforward to get in form in a short time and over time it will take you to new levels of fitness.

Muay Thai Equipment

You are going to want to get Fairtex bag gloves ready for the start of your training. You can go to The Don Boxing retailer on-line.



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