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Dealing with the Keychain popup

The Problem

If you’ve spent more than one semester working in the Mac Lab, you’ve probably encountered the dreaded KEYCHAIN POPUP problem, in which an application- usually Safari- tries to access your “keychain password” but reports that it is incorrect. So you enter your password a thousand times and nothing happens.


It happens because your keychain password is not necessarily the same as your JCU password– although it usually is during the first semester you use the lab! 

The JCU servers use your current password to log in to the Macs. Well and good. Unfortuantely, however, the keychain password is stored locally. So when you change your JCU password, the Macs in the lab are not updated. So they think you’ve entered the wrond password.

The Fix

  1. Try to remember the first password you used to log into this Mac.
  2. Got it? Now type ⌘ (Command) + SPACE to open up a SPOTLIGHT SEARCH WINDOW
  3. Type Keychain Access into the search window and open the “Keychain Access” app
  4. When it opens, select EDIT → Change Password for Keychain “login”
  5. Enter your old password- the one you remembered in step one- under “current password” followed by your actual current password in the “new password” and “verify” fields.
  6. Click OK and enjoy a popup-free existence- until the next password change!



This problem is endemic to Mac labs. Rest assured: if a better solution is ever discovered, we will implement it!

February 5, 2018

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