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You MUST complete this course if you want to sign out a Zoom H1 recorder from the Digital Media Lab. 

If you need to record voiceover for a video essay, grab field audio for a podcast, or  create a foley track for a movie then the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder could turn out to be your best friend.  This short course introduces the eminently pocketable recorder/microphone combo and offers a few tips for getting the best audio possible as well as best practices for keeping it in good operating condition.

The course should take you about half an hour to complete and there is a quiz at the end that you must pass with 100% if you want to sign out a Zoom H1 audio recorder from the Digital Media Lab.

Course Curriculum

Zoom H1 Qualification – Recording Audio with the Zoom H1 Details FREE 00:15:00
This unit introduces the Zoom H1 audio recorder, presenting an overview of it's controls and operation, as well as instructions on packing it up when you're finished recording your audio..
Zoom H1 Qualification – Best practices Details FREE 00:05:00
Here we discuss renting the Zoom H1 from the Digital Media Lab, taking care of it while it's in your posession, and how to get the most from the audio recorder.
Zoom H1 Qualification Quiz 00:10:00

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