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C100 Basics: Aperture

What does “aperture” mean?
One of the fundamental features of a camera is the possibility of adjusting the aperture.
The aperture is an opening within the lens’s diaphragm through which light travels within the camera. By enlarging or shrinking the size of the aperture, you can allow more or less light to reach the camera sensor.
Simply put, by regulating the aperture you can decide how much your background will be blurred, as well as altering the exposure of your shots – lighter to darker.
The aperture is measured in f/stops. The lower the f/stop, the larger the opening in the lens. The higher the f/stop, the smaller the opening in the lens.
The movement of the opening very much resembles the one of the pupil of your eyes, as it dilates when the space is dark. Take a look:

(nikonusa.com )

Effects of aperture variation on your work
Aperture can affect the depth of field, that is the “the zone of acceptable sharpness in front of and behind the subject on which the lens is focused.” Simply put, it determines how blurry you want your background to be. When the f/stop is low your background will be blurry; when the f/stop is high, the background will be sharp.
Aperture also affects the exposure of your images, that is, whether they are light or dark. The larger the aperture, the lighter the shot will be. In a dark environment it’s best to select a large aperture to capture as much light as possible.

Here is an example. Look at how the door knob progressively comes into focus and the image becomes darker.

How to do this with our gear – CANON C100:
By default, all our C100s are set on Manual Aperture Control.To adjust it, maneuver the control dial on the grip unit.



Should you prefer to have an automatic Aperture adjustment:

1 Open the aperture [Mode] submenu.
[~ Camera Setup] > [Iris] > [Mode]
2 Select [Automatic] and then press the joystick.
• When the camcorder is set to automatic aperture, m will appear on
the screen next to the aperture value.

Wanna see how it looks? Click here.

March 22, 2018

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